NAVIS Autopilot AP4000

Autopilot AP4000

The AP4000 Heading Control System is the new generation of autopilots manufactured by Navis Engineering.

The system has been designed as a flexible solution, which makes it possible to install the AP4000 on a broad range of vessels, ranging from yachts and small boats to Supertankers (VLCC/ULCC).

The AP4000 is one of the few autopilots designed for vessels with two independent rudders.

The modular concept of the AP4000 control panel makes it possible to integrate the autopilot into any bridge console without causing any harm to the overall design.

The AP4000 presents a 6.5' high-resolution anti-glare color LCD display and a 150° viewing angle. The user-friendly GUI complies with all the industry ergonomic standards and is very easy to read and operate. Day and night color palettes are available.

The AP4000's fully self-adjusting 'Auto Tune' algorithm allows it to easily adapt the autopilot performance to the hydrodynamic parameters of any vessel, irrespective of its displacement and dimensions. This makes it possible to use the AP4000 onboard any commercial or leisure vessel with a single rudder, linked rudder, independent rudder or stern azimuth Z-drives configuration.

AP4000 delivery set: Operator Unit, Control Units CU-M, CU-MPR, Manual. Optional Units: Mode Switch Selector, Rudder feedback, FFU, VDR Interface, BNWAS interface.

Navis AP4000 System Diagram


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