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JP4000 joystick control systems screens

The JP4000 has been specifically designed for workboat and yacht applications when free maneuvering in limited space is required. Please note that the system is not intended for use on any DP (Dynamic Positioning) classed vessel as an approved solution for dynamic positioning. In such a case, the range of Navis IVCS/NavDP4000 series products has to be considered. Developed as a simple and powerful DP alternative for mega yacht owners, our Joystick Control system has also proved to be a highly effective stationkeeping solution for medium-sized workboats.

Modes: Joystick Manual, Joystick Auto Heading, Speed Control and Auto Heading. Optional Modes: Hold Position, Anchor Watch, Joystick Current, Joystick Track.

Navis JP4000 System Diagram



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